Directions to our place
4211 Jim Hawkins Dr

St Luke merge 50years

Mass Times
Tuesday/Friday 8AM
Saturday 4PM
Sunday 10AM
Holy Days see bulletin or call 969-3291
Confession Saturday 3:30


Can you spare a dime? We have a donor that is willing to match up to $50,000 that we collect this year toward the reduction of the debt we incurred, after rebuilding from a devastating fire. For more information please call the parish office (502-969-3291).
We are a 501C3 organization


Pastor Fr Joe Rankin
Retired in residence Fr Jerry Bell
Deacon Ken Mitchell
Youth ministry John Sohl
Parish Council Marla Dunn
DRE Debbie Minton
Pastoral Associate Joan'e D'Haene
Business Manager Roger Costello
Finance Council Karen Johnson
Secretary Traci Ware

The Real Presence

Are you an adult who somehow missed the Sacrament of Confirmation. Was your first Holy Communion your last Catholic development? Contact Joan'e D'Haene or Debbie Minton for details. Joan'e can be reached at 969-3291 ext *33 or Debbie can be reached at 969-3332 ext 114 or via email



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updated 1/6/2017


2016 First Holy Communion

2015 Confirmation


Rev. Vincent J. Manger
1964 - 1982
Rev. John W. Birk
1982 - 1993
Rev. Richard P. Berding
1993- 2005
Rev. Thomas A. Hommrich
2005 -2007
Rev. Joseph M. Rankin
2007 -current

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